Adult Bible Class Activities

A vital benefit of an adult Bible class is the opportunity to connect with other class members outside the walls of the local church. While a class activity is by no means the preeminent focus of an adult Bible class, it should not be overlooked or omitted. True friendships are formed and cultivated by doing the work of the Lord together in the local church, but many times those friendships can be enhanced through the environment of a relaxing class activity.

Principles to consider before announcing an activity:

  1. Never schedule an activity that conflicts with another church-related activity.
  2. Consider the financial states of your class members. Plan as many inexpensive activities as possible.
  3. Plan some activities to involve your members’ children, but also plan some activities that do not involve the children. Make sure childcare is provided during the non-children activities.
  4. Revolve your activities around regularly scheduled church times. Your members have already congregated for church and would be more willing to attend the activity.
  5. Do not hesitate to have a combined class activity with another class in your church. This will encourage unity among church members.

Below are several suggestions for adult Bible class activities:

  1. Go out to eat together. This takes little to no work but is profitable for conversation. Be sure to call ahead and reserve tables for a larger party. Many restaurants will even have a separate room for larger groups. Take advantage of them.
  2. Attend local sporting events together. Whether this is a minor league baseball game or a local public high school football game, these tend to be inexpensive opportunities. Some minor league teams will give a group discount. Also be aware of discounted concessions nights.
  3. Visit a short list of elderly church members. Take snacks or small gifts to the homes of the elderly and shut-in members of your church. Spend some time listening to them. Maybe sing some hymns together. You could split up the class to cover more ground, and meet together afterwards at Starbucks for a quick coffee.
  4. Organize themed cookouts. Cookouts are fun, but cookouts with a theme are even better! Have everyone dress for the theme. Decorate and advertise for the cookout. Prepare food that also coincides with the theme. Theme ideas include: Luau, March Madness, Throwback Night (70s or 80s), and Cowboy Chili Cook-off.
  5. Have a Christmas party for others. Rather than exchanging gifts during your class Christmas party, have each person bring a gift for a child in your church’s bus ministry. Give the gifts to the kids that following Sunday. Invite them to your class and honor them. This would be a great way to invite the parents of bus children to attend.


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