Developing the Leaders Around You

A Review of the Book by John Maxwell

In Developing the Leaders Around You, we see that the test of leadership is not how many followers do I have, but how many leaders am I developing. If we as ministers are able to effectively take those who are following us and develop them to become leaders in the church, we have effectively multiplied our ministry. This is the key message of Developing the Leaders Around You.

One of the elements in developing leaders is to recognize the value people are to you and to the organization that God has given you. In seeing the intrinsic value of each and every one of those followers, we are able to see clearly as Jesus did with His twelve disciples. Hence, when we are off the scene, our influence continues for many years to come through those that we have built into leaders.

This book helped me in a great way as I was preparing to begin a new ministry called the Lay Shepherd Ministry of Southern Hills Baptist Church. This ministry was designed as an opportunity for me to develop other leaders in the church. The Lay Shepherd’s job description is to assist the Pastor in his shepherding responsibilities. Every year I take these men away on a retreat and train them on shepherding and caring for the flock through phone calls, letters, personal dinners, and discipleship. These are former followers of our church who are developing into leaders who will lead others into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

This book has immensely impacted my personal ministry with those men and women in my church. My focus has changed from obtaining more and more followers to developing the leaders that are around me. I highly recommend this book to anyone in full-time Christian work.

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