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How Do I Use RSS to Subscribe to Ministry127?

RSS is a simple way to subscribe to all the new content that posts to You can subscribe to the home page, which will bring all new articles across all categories to your reader, or you can subscribe by individual categories. You will know if a page or category has an RSS feed if the RSS box shows up in the right portion of the address bar on the browser.

To use RSS, you must choose and set up an RSS reader—either a desktop software, your email client, or your browser. To learn more about using an RSS reader, click here. (If you are new to RSS, you might enlist the help of someone who is familiar with it. It's a great way to stay up to date on new content you care about, and many news sites, blogs, etc. provide RSS feeds.)

Below are the RSS feed links that can be pasted into the subscription bar of your RSS reader:

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How Can I Know When New Resources Post?

The best way to know when new resources (not articles) post to Ministry127 is to follow on Twitter. Each time we post a new podcast, sermon series, PowerPoint slide, or video, Twitter will announce the update.

In addition to this we will post general site improvements and announcements to Twitter as well.

How Can I Use the Sermon Series Downloads?

The sermon series downloads provide two file types—.mp3 and .doc. MP3 Files are audio files. If you click them, they will play through the browser. If you right-click, you can download the file, save it to disk, and listen later. The .doc files are Word files. These will not display properly in the browser. Depending on your configuration, in some cases if you click the .doc file, it will display garbled text in the browser. These files must be downloaded and opened with a .doc compatible software. Simply right click the arrow and save to disk.

If you have technical problems, please email us or give us a call.

How Do I Use the Video Downloads?

The videos on this site can be downloaded by clicking the "download" link beneath the video. The files are .zip files and should uncompress automatically. The video files are .avi and will require that you have the appropriate software for playback. The files are large, so a high-speed connection is recommended.

How Does the Global Search Feature Work?

The search bar at the top of all pages is one of the most powerful features of Ministry127. It searches the site globally—giving you results for all articles, sermons, slides, videos, illustrations, and contributors. Type in a season, a keyword, a sermon text, or a topic, and you will pull results from every part of the site. For instance, a search for "Easter" would provide you with articles, illustrations, slides, videos, sermon outlines, .mp3 files, and more—related to Easter.

How Does the Sermon Illustration Search Work?

The search bar on the illustration page is a local search of only the illustration database. It does not search other parts of the site. We are adding illustrations to the database at a rapid rate.

Explain the Sermon Archive?

The sermon archive graphic on the right column presently takes you to approximately one year's worth of preaching services (audio and video) from Lancaster Baptist Church. This archive is searchable by title, topic, or Bible text. For instance, if you search your sermon text, you will pull results for all sermons preached from that text. This sermon archive will be greatly expanded in the coming months, and all messages will be indexed by title, topics, and text.

The lower portion of the sermon archive page allows you to view sermons by series.

What Can I Submit?

Ministry127 accepts outside submissions for sermon illustrations (source information should be included) and PowerPoint slides. If you would like to submit one of these resources to be considered and added to the site, please send the appropriate information to