Blessings of the Year

Reflecting on God's Goodness

We recently had a ladies night out activity in our Spanish department. As I was preparing for the event, I planned to ask a couple different ladies who had experienced real blessings from the Lord this last year to stand up and give a testimony. But when I sat down to decide who to ask, there were just too many people with a great testimony. I wanted our ladies to be encouraged by each story, but there just wasn’t time to listen to that many testimonies. So, we used a different approach.

As I prepared for the night, I made a list of about fifteen blessings that could have been everyone’s testimony. That evening, I got up and read the list. I told the ladies that I wanted everyone to have a part in giving a testimony of the blessings of the past twelve months. When they heard something on the list that had happened to them in the last year, I asked them to stand and remain standing. My point was to remind each lady that she had something to be thankful for, and my plan was for every lady in the room to be standing by the time the list was complete. Just to make sure that happened, the last thing on my list was to stand “If God had provided food for you to eat today!” That should take care of everyone!

The first blessing I read was, stand up if you have been saved in the last twelve months. Seven ladies stood. It was awesome! Next, they were to stand if their husband had been saved in the last twelve months. Six ladies stood. Talk about answered prayer—awesome again! The list went on and on—stand if you had a child saved in the last twelve months, if God has provided a job, has given you grace through a trial, has restored health, has given you a new child, etc. It turned into a night I know I’ll never forget! There was almost a hush in the room as we looked around and saw testimony after testimony of God’s goodness to us this past year. We rejoiced together for all the answered prayers and miracles represented as each lady stood.

I was reminded once again of how good God has been to me these last twelve months and I was encouraged to keep on trusting Him! He will surely care for me in the next twelve as well!

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