Don’t Be an Invisible Christian

We Are Called to Witness for Christ

Mid-summer weather makes my morning run a lot more interesting. During the winter months, all is dark and quiet—which, for a mother of four, can sometimes be a blessing! But now when I go running, the sun is up, the neighborhood is stirring, the birds are singing, and the bunnies are having breakfast.

My first bunny sighting is a little after 5:00 a. m. when I go down to my kitchen and fire up my coffee pot. As the sun begins to peek out and light spills over the backyard, I watch as a baby bunny that lives beneath our shed comes out for breakfast. For the next hour, as I do my devotions, I watch him out of the corner of my eye while he goes diligently from clover to clover, getting his fill.

Then I’m off to do my morning mile. As I round the first corner, I come to a meadow with a big blackberry patch in the center where two bunnies emerge into the open for their daily feed. I’m not terribly loud on the first leg of my run, but since the morning is so quiet, I expect them to hear me and scurry into cover. They don’t budge. So I trot past the two little guys to my turnaround spot and head back again, now huffing and puffing from the exertion and expecting that the bunnies will surely react to this added noise. Instead, they stay hunkered down.

Intrigued by their behavior, I watch them more closely, and after a few days of observation, I notice that they’re not deaf to my passing—they just freeze at my presence. Their little bodies stiffen, and they seem to try to get smaller, not betraying themselves with as much as a twitch. What’s more, they hold their poses until I complete my circuit, pretending all the while to be invisible. Clearly, they don’t want me to notice them.

I chuckle to myself as I consider their quaint defense, and then it hits me: how many times have I been guilty of this same tactic? As a Christian, how often do I feel that if I remain still and quiet nobody will notice me? I will just blend in. There’s no need to speak up, no need to leave my comfort zone and share a tract or a word of testimony. Maybe next time. Perhaps someone else will do it. Perhaps...

Of course I know it’s the wrong choice. Scripture clearly tells me to be a light in the darkness, to be as purifying salt in a sinful world (Matthew 5:13–14). I don’t have the option of “freezing” or trying to make myself invisible. The gospel of Mark tells the story of Jesus delivering a man from a legion of demons. The only request He made of the man was to, “Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee” (Mark 5:19).

I pray that the Lord will make me a bolder witness for Him as I depend on the strength and presence of the Holy Spirit. I pray that I will care more for others than I do for myself, telling gladly of all the wonderful works the Lord has done to reconcile those who are lost to Himself. I pray that I will be a visible Christian.

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