5 Steps to Enlisting New Choir Members

Recruiting Choir Members with an Open House

Recruiting new choir members is an important part of the music ministry. God is seeking those who will worship Him (John 4:23). While music is not the only form of worship, it is a powerful one! We should be passionate about leading and encouraging God’s people to praise and worship Him for all He is and all that He has done.

We have tried several ways to enlist new singers for choir. We have mentioned it from the pulpit, put announcements in the bulletin, and promoted it at the end of our discipleship program. But a few years ago, we decided to have a choir open house, and it was a huge success. One of the main differences was that we enlisted our choir members to bring guests. Here’s what we did:

Host a choir open house. Determine a rehearsal (early fall is usually best) when you will advertise and promote a choir open house. This is a rehearsal where anyone interested is welcome to simply sit in, observe, and even sing along with no pressure to join.

Motivate your choir members to bring guests. The best recruiters for your choir are your choir members. Everyone expects you as the leader to be excited about the choir, but it’s even more compelling when your choir members are the ones saying, “You don’t want to miss this!” We have a point system that helps motivate our choir members to invite guests. They can earn points for posting the event on Facebook, answering trivia questions, giving us names to whom we can send an invite, and by bringing someone the day of the event. All of this activity helps build momentum and expectation. The week after, I announce the winner and present them with a gift card.

Plan a great choir practice. As with every week, plan for a dynamic and engaging choir rehearsal. You may even have some light refreshments. Don’t work on your most difficult pieces. Choose songs that may even be familiar to your guests. Let this be a fun musical experience for all who attend.

Follow up with an orientation. The week of the Open House, pass out a form for your guests to fill out. Find out their music history, who invited them (for the point system), and if they are interested in more information. The week after the open house, follow up on all your guests and host a choir orientation where you go through the leadership requirements, and what is involved in being a part of the music ministry.

Meet with prospects one-on-one. Following the orientation, meet with choir prospects individually. This allows you to get to know them and for them to get to know you. Having the orientation and an individual meeting also gives you the chance to steer someone away from the choir ministry if they’re not ready for the commitment.

Revelation 4:11 tells us God has created us for His pleasure. Music is a way we communicate our gratitude, adoration, and love for Him! May we commit ourselves to this purpose and to training those who will worship Him!

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