Choosing an Easter Program That Works

Easter is a great time of the year for your music department. Some of the most powerful music we sing is centered on the cross and the resurrection. Choosing the right program for your music ministry is important because you want it to be challenging yet enjoyable for those on your team. Here are a few practical tips.

Prayerfully Choose

When selecting the music for your team, bathe it in prayer. Ask God to give you wisdom. It is one thing for music to be on paper, and it is another thing for it to actually be sung by your choir. It is hard to really know what the final product will be with your music team, so you need God’s guidance.

Have Your Musicians in Mind

You do not want to frustrate your volunteers by choosing music that is too difficult. At the same time, you do not want them to be bored because the music is too easy. You need to know the skill level of your choir and musicians in order to keep a good balance of music you know they can do and music you know will challenge them.

Remember this phrase, “Song selection is everything.” You want to choose music that has variety and that you know they will enjoy learning. Nothing will excite your music team more than when they are learning songs that they absolutely love singing! If you are going to spend three months working on a program, be sure it is going to be fun.

Be Creative

Most pre-packaged Easter programs take some trimming and creativity in order for them to work. Rarely will you find a book that you can sing cover to cover. It may be because a song is too difficult, too long, or just not the right style for your church. You can always cut and paste songs.

Do not feel that every year you have to do all new music. If there is a song that you do not particularly care for in a book, swap it with a song that worked well for your choir from a previous year. This will also help lighten the work load in getting the music ready.

One final thought about creativity is to expand each year. Do not get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing year to year. Think outside the box. Add narration. Add drama. Add some groups or ensembles instead of just the choir. As you grow and increase each time it keeps the excitement level up among your volunteers. Everyone wants to be a part of something great!

Choose the Right Type of Program

There are various types of programs you can do. Be sure to do one that is fitting for your music ministry and your church. Here are a few of them:

  • Choir: With this type of a program, only the choir presents a selection of songs.
  • Choir and groups: This type of program adds to the first one by using ensembles and/or groups along with the choir. One of the benefits of using more than just the choir is you can spread out the work load. When you add groups be sure to walk through with them how they fit into the program.
  • Choir, groups, and narration: It does not take much to add some narration in between a few of the songs. This allows you to use appropriate Scripture verses and dialogue that ties everything together.
  • Musical: Deciding to do a musical gives your program a whole new dimension. It is certainly not easy, but it is well worth it. When you add drama, try selecting someone who can oversee that part of the musical while you work with the choir and musicians.
  • Children: An additional thought is to use children. It is not always possible or fitting, but it is a lot of fun when you can get them involved.

Doing an Easter musical requires a lot of prayer, work, and preparation; but when the finished product is ready, you will love leading it, and your people will love presenting it!

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