Finding Excellence in Music Ministry

5 Steps for Music Directors

Colin Powell said, “Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” Music is a vital part of your services, and you cannot rely on talent alone. You must have a “prevailing attitude” of excellence if God is going to receive the glory. Here are five steps that go into planning an excellent music ministry:

1. Earnest Prayer

Be in a spirit of prayer as you sort music, put together groups, or plan the songs for a service.

2. Advanced Scheduling

Carve out some time to plan for the upcoming year. Schedule all the choir songs, ensembles, groups, and soloists. This will help create balance in your schedule and save you time in the long run. Once this is done, you can assign songs to your groups a few months at a time.

3. Clear Communication

Email your monthly music schedule by the fifteenth of the month prior. If something changes on the schedule after it’s been sent (which it usually does) communicate those changes with everyone involved to avoid frustration.

4. Quality Practice

Determine to have quality practices. Start on time, have the music ready, have a pianist who is prepared, keep the practice moving, and have a positive and encouraging spirit.

5. Saturday Sound Check

Have a weekly sound check. There needs to be a time when the singers can go through their song with microphones. You don’t want to mix a group while they are singing Sunday morning. Use this time to walk through any details. Talk about cue card order, how to stand and hold the microphone, singing with expression, and making eye contact. Not only will you benefit from this time, but your singers will appreciate it as well.

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