Creating a Yearly Preaching Calendar

52 Sermon Ideas for 2011

Even though I was fresh out of Bible College and had only been pastoring for about three months, I was already feeling incredibly overwhelmed with all of the responsibility. Much of what I was feeling was created by the pressure that came from having to prepare four sermons a week. After venting my frustration to a veteran pastor he encouraged me to begin planning ahead for each of my message series through the use of a preaching calender. I was amazed at how helpful this one simple tool is.

For the senior pastor, Sunday is always coming and with it comes the challenge of preparing multiple sermons on a regular basis. There are very few resources that can be more helpful than a well prayed over, organized yearly sermon calendar.

I begin preparation for my preaching calendar by praying about what texts the Lord would have me to preach and what themes He would want me to address that coming year. As a side note, It is amazing how the Holy Spirit can direct you in what He wants you to speak on a year in advance as easily as He can a night in advance, but I digress, so let me get back to the point. As these different ideas are written out, it's exciting to see how the Lord allows me to come across resources and content that I can file away for future use in a particular message.

Feel free to take a look at this sample yearly preaching calendar. I pray this simple tool will help a few young men avoid some of the frustration I experienced early on in my ministry.

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