Go for the Crown

4 Vital Aspects of the Soulwinner’s Life

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: 1 Thessalonians 2:13–20

Title: Go for the Crown (The Crown of Rejoicing or the Soulwinner’s Crown)

Foundational Info: Thessalonians was written from Corinth sometime around 50 AD. Since this epistle was written from Corinth Paul may have just witnessed one of the “Olympic” games being hosted only eight miles away, in the city of Isthmus.

In ancient Greece, athletic festivals were held in many different cities. Every five years the Grecians would hold the most famous of these games called the Olympia Festival, which is where the term for our modern day Olympics is derived from. These festivals were also held in other cities such as Nemen and Delphi. Every two years the Isthmian Festival was held in the city of Isthmus which was located only eight miles from the city of Corinth. (Source: The Biblical Illustrator)

Declarational Statement: A Christianity worth having is a Christianity worth sharing.

Quote: “The only alternative to soulwinning is disobedience to God.”—Curtis Hudson

Transitional Statement: Notice four vital aspects of the soulwinner’s life!

I. The Soulwinner’s Responsibility (vs. 24)

A. To commit to the faith (vs. 8b—but our own souls)

1. They committed their time (vs. 9a—laboring night and day)

2. They committed their tongue (vs. 9b—we preached)

3. They committed their testimony (vs. 10—unblameably we behaved ourselves)

B. To communicate for the faith (vs. 9b—we preached unto you the gospel)

1. Through exhortation (vs. 11—ye know how we exhorted)

2. Through encouragement (vs. 11—and comforted)

3. Through education (vs. 11—and charge)

4. Through exalting the LORD (vs. 11—walk worthy of God)

II. The Soulwinner’s Resistance (vs. 14, 15, 18)

A. The obstacles (vs. 14-15)

1. Churches were oppressed (vs. 14—ye also have suffered)

2. Christ was oppressed (vs. 15—who killed the Lord Jesus Christ)

3. Christians were oppressed (vs. 15—and their own prophets)

B. The opposition (vs. 18—by satan)

III. The Soulwinner’s Rewards (vs. 25b)

A. Rewarded with honor (vs. 20—glory)

B. Rewarded with happiness (vs. 20—joy)

OPTIONAL 4th Point:

IV. The Soulwinner’s Results (vs. 25b)

A. Many salvations (vs. 13—received the word)

B. More surrender (1:9—turned from idols)

C. Multiplied soulwinnners (1:8—we need not speak anything)

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