The Victor's Crown

Godliness and Spiritual Discipline Set Victors apart from the Crowd

Sermon Outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

I. The Victor’s Preparation (vs. 24)

A. An Enlistment (vs. 24 – they which run)

1. To enlist one must prove their citizenship
2. To enlist one must prove their conduct
3. To enlist one must prove their conditioning

B. An Enlightenment (vs. 24 – But one recieveth the prize)

II. The Victor’s Participation (vs. 25)

A. He Devotes Himself (vs. 24 – run all)

B. He Disciplines Himself (vs. 25 – temperate in all things)

C. He Denies Himself (vs. 27 – bring it [my body] into subjection)

III. The Victor’s Prize (vs. 25 & 27)

A. An Incorruptible Crown (vs. 25 – crown…incorruptible)

B. An Influential Cause (vs. 27 – I have preached to others)

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