What's On Your Mind?

Discover the Power of Biblical Thinking

A Book by Dr. John Goetsch

Do you desire to grow in your understanding of how your brain assimilates information, and how God’s Word can transform your thinking and renew your mind? The pages of this book are a MUST READ for every Christian who is desiring to win the battle for the mind. As I pre-read it some months before it went to press, it stirred me, challenged me, and equipped me in a great way. It was a GREAT read—very practical, very biblical, and very helpful.

Striving Together has just released this 184 page paperback book from Dr. Goetsch. As he was writing this material, he also taught it at Lancaster Baptist Church on three consecutive Wednesday nights. It was POWERFUL and extremely helpful.

I plan to use it several ways:

First, I’m going to lead my sons through it personally. We’ve done this with a book on manhood, we have The Steps of a Good Man waiting in line, and we’re going to do it with this book. I love the positive, uplifting tone of the book and the content.

Second, I’m going to use it extensively in counseling. If you counsel individuals in matters of thoughts, purity, and biblical thinking, this book will be a fantastic resource to place into their hands, lead them through, etc. It contains review questions/study guide at the end of each chapter which make for a great “assignment” between sessions. In all of my counseling I typically give assignments. If I can’t get a person working on their own, then my counseling time is usually pointless.

Third, I’m going to teach it! We will release this book in a Sunday School curriculum format during 2010, but as it is, it makes GREAT teaching material. It would be very useful for a Sunday School class, a family devotion, a school Bible curriculum, or a Bible study series for a church family.

It’s just great stuff and very needed in a world where our thought lives are under constant assault! It’s a great, solidly biblical resource on a much needed topic. Below is the link to find out more about it.

This book can be reviewed or purchased here: What’s On Your Mind

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