Greeting Visitors in the Nursery

6 Ways to Make Your Nurseries Welcoming

Have you ever gone into a store and been ignored or treated like you were bothering the store clerk? I love shopping where the clerks take care of me, handle my purchase with care, and pleasantly greet me and thank me for shopping in their store. Your church nursery should have the same atmosphere. Greet visitors and let them know you are happy they are visiting your church.

I know that at Lancaster Baptist Church the nursery greeters are usually one of the first impressions a visitor has of our church. As Nursery Director, I take that very seriously and realize that it is a huge responsibility. I love our nursery children and the volunteers that serve each week. Showing God’s love is our mission in the nursery.  Here are a few ways we try to make the atmosphere of our nurseries welcoming:

1. Train your volunteers to be happy.

2. Greet everyone with a smile.

3. Give visitors the information they need—where to go and what to do.

4. Always greet the children. (They love to be talked to.)

5. Ensure visitors that their child will be well taken care of while he is in your care.

6. Follow up on visitors.

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