Keeping the Children in Your Nursery Secure

Utilizing a Security System in Your Nursery

The first step in developing a security system for your nurseries is determining what you need. Research the systems that are available or create your own.

When we started our nursery, we used a number system. The child’s name was assigned a number on a sign-in sheet and that number coincided with a cubbyhole and a paper number. The paper number was given to the parent, and the parent had to return the number to retrieve the child from the nursery.

Over the years we have improved on the original idea, and now we utilize the Parent Pager System. The system consists of a computer, finger ID, and cameras. With this program we have the parent’s information and contact numbers, pictures, and finger ID. This allows the nursery staff to have the information at their fingertips. The nursery staff knows who can drop off and pick up the child.

When a child is checked in they receive an adhesive label with the child’s name, picture, nursery the child is attending, and name of the person who dropped them off. The label is placed on the child, so everyone in the nursery knows who they are and what they need. The parent is also given a check-in slip with their picture, the child’s picture, the nursery the child is attending, and the date/time. The slip is given to the nursery caregiver and put in the child’s cubbyhole. When picking the child up, the process is the same except for that the slip now reads “out” instead of “in.”

We have been using this system for three years, and I thank the Lord every service. It has made our nurseries run smoother and safer, and I would recommend it to any church that is able to use it. The important thing, however, is that you implement a process (even if it is one that you develop) to ensure that your children are safe while in your care.

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