Keeping the Children Safe

2 Ways to Keep Children Safe

There are many ways to keep a child safe and secure in a church nursery, but I would like to focus on two major ways. The first is to know as much about each child as possible, and the second is to have the nurseries properly equipped with safety features. Even though these may seem like they are not important, every mother feels more secure about leaving her child in the nursery when she knows it’s safe, secure and that the workers care.

Every mommy and daddy thinks their child is special and it’s our job to make them know that we think so too. One way to do this is to know their name. It shows the parents that you took the time to know and remember their precious child. It is also important to know the parents and greet them. Another way to help the parents is to know the allergies their child has or anything else that would require extra attention (i.e. nut allergies, potty training etc.). We have a sheet where parents write down any special instructions regarding their child. They often write things like, has his favorite blanket in his bag, needs to have a bottle at a certain time, gets cranky when he is tired, has a pacifier in the diaper bag, and if he loves or hates the swing. All this information helps to know their child and helps us keep their child happy.

After making a point to get know the family, it’s important to have the nurseries well equipped and clean. Make sure everything is sanitized and wiped down. Be sure that battery operated items are working properly, and always have extra batteries on hand. Arrive 45 minutes before the start of each service to walk around and check each room for any problems.

Check to make sure each room is ready for the children to arrive. This includes removing broken toys and making sure that each room has the proper supplies. Make sure the children will be properly taken care of and the nursery workers have the proper supplies to do their job.

You may want to consider using a pager system if you do not do so already. With a pager system you are able to give parents a pager so that if you need to get a hold of them for any reason during the service their pager will vibrate and they will know to come to the nursery.

If the parents feel comfortable leaving their child with you, they will be able to enjoy the service and hear what God has for them. When the nursery workers are cheerful, the parents will feel comfortable, and if the parents are comfortable, the children will be comfortable.

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