5 Tips for Keeping a Positive Spirit

Be a Positive Influence

Once, when I was preaching I said, “Some of you people are so negative that if you fell into the baptistery you’d electrocute yourselves.” That wasn’t a very positive thing to say, was it? People are discouraged and depressed today. They must have a leader who is positively on top-side! How do you stay on top-side?

1. Look for the good. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” About a certain king, God said, “In him there is found some good thing.” If God can see something good in an evil king, how much more should we see good in other Christians!

2. Avoid late night news on TV. Most news on television is negative or it wouldn’t make the news. Don’t listen to thirty minutes of negative before you go to bed!

3. Avoid negative people. After a while you know what type of personalities people have. Learn to be brief with negative people. They are always sighing and waiting for someone to hear their horror stories. They live in a rut of carnality and thrive on their feelings over principles. Be kind and friendly, but avoid spending too much time with them.

4. Be careful about repeating your heartaches. Often when we experience trials, there is a God-given urge to tell someone. God wants us to tell Him. The more we repeat our story to others, the more our own ears hear it. Usually the story gets worse and our pit gets deeper.

5. Stay away from gossips and critics. In Acts, the disciples said, “We cannot but speak that which we have seen and heard.”

What we hear, we feel we must tell. Negative in equals negative out. Positively influence your negative world!

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