5 Ways Compassion Makes a Difference

Compassion Ministers from the Heart

Jesus felt others’ hurts. He wept, He hurt, and He did something about it. He had compassion on the sick, sinful, broken-hearted, lonely, discouraged, and lost. Jude 22 tells us that our compassion makes a difference in the lives of others: “And of some have compassion, making a difference.”

Compassion is feeling another’s sorrows or hardships and doing what you can to help. It is not fact, but act. Consider five things that compassion does.

1. Compassion Looks

The go in the Great Commission makes you see people’s needs. Jesus had compassion after He saw the multitudes. He saw past their faces to their hurts, hearts, and heartaches.

Do you, like D. L. Moody, see an S (saved) or L (lost) on people’s foreheads when you talk to them?

Do you see worried faces, palsied hands, holes in shoes? Do you look for needs?

2. Compassion Gives

Compassion is love in action. The Good Samaritan’s compassion on the man who had been robbed and wounded by thieves moved him to take action. Compassion moves you to give to God’s work and to individuals.

3. Compassion Prays

Love prays. Care prays. Jesus prayed for you in John 17!

4. Compassion Witnesses

Who have you told?

5. Compassion Meditates

The old Indian proverb says, “Never criticize warrior until you walk a mile in his moccasins.” Compassionate people put themselves in the other guy’s shoes and meditate on the challenges he may be facing before they form an opinion of his actions. Are you compassionate?

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