America’s Cities Are Becoming Mission Fields

Reaching America’s Cities with the Gospel

For many years, we have thought of the frontiers of advancing the Christian faith in America as being “out there” somewhere in a new territory and “over there” somewhere a thousand miles away in the backwoods.

That may have been true at one time, but it is no longer true! The frontier of the spiritual life of our beloved America is now found in the heartland of our major cities. As a Christian, and an American citizen, I refuse to allow Satan to continue growing his ugly grip on the cities of America. I will not surrender our cities without a fight! I am deeply in love with my Lord and my country.

God has a beautiful plan for every city! Any city that will follow God’s plan will receive God’s blessing! In fact there will be no murder, mischief, or hatred in any city that will follow God’s plan! There will be love, compassion, and real kindness in every city that will follow God’s plan.
Where do you find God’s plan for the cities? It is found in the Bible!

What should city people do? Start with John 3:16. Read it, memorize it, share it with others, and do what the verse says. Then read Matthew 5. Read it about 100 times. Then read Psalm 119. It takes about 22 minutes to read that chapter, but if you will read it every day for a month, your life will greatly change.

Pray. Pray to God Almighty and pray through His Son, Jesus. It will change a city. Ask God to raise up Christian workers for the major cities of America. We need prayer warriors. We need soulwinners. We need Bible teachers.

Believe. God will not do great and mighty works in a city that does not believe. Want proof? Read the first few verses in Mark chapter 6 and you will find that no great miracles took place in that city because of their “unbelief.”

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