The Encouragement of Jesus

Discouragement Is One of Satan’s Favorite Tools

One of the greatest tools in the devil’s arsenal is discouragement. It makes us let down the shield of faith. Disappointment leads to discouragement which leads to disqualification. Moses had it and hit the rock twice, thus losing his opportunity for the Promised Land.

Mrs. Job had it and became bitter. Naomi changed her name to Marah because of it. How do you avoid discouragement? Avoid all sin. Sin disappoints. Ask Eve, Cain, Saul, Samson, Lot, and the prodigal son. Making major decisions without counsel brings disappointment.

How do you get back on your feet spiritually when discouraged?

  • Bathe for a long period of time in the Word of God.
  • Flee to a stronger Christian for some fellowship.
  • Don’t keep repeating your story of sorrow to everyone.
  • Sing plenty of hymns.

Jesus never discouraged anyone. If there was any life or hope left in a situation, Jesus capitalized on it! When Peter sank, Jesus noticed his “little” faith. Jesus welcomed Stephen home by standing. While Paul was at a low point in his life, Jesus came and stood by him in jail. Jesus encouraged a backslidden Peter to get back to serving God. During the storm in Matthew 14:27, He told the disciples not to fear. Jesus told the woman who was caught in adultery that she could be forgiven (John 8:3).

God will not break the bruised reed. If your reed is still alive, He can still use it. There is something in your life God can use!

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