The Importance of Longevity in Church Planting

Don’t Miss the Blessings That Come with Faithfulness

How do churches grow and become strong? There are many factors, but the most significant factor for a church to become strong is the longevity of the pastor. Starting a church can be achieved quickly in a matter of months, but building a strong indigenous church requires hard work over many years.

The ultimate goal of a church planter is to completely fulfill the great commission. That goal is to win souls, baptize them, train them to be spiritual believers, and to reproduce another fundamental church. The gospel should go to neighboring towns and eventually to the ends of the earth. This task is never ending and extensive. It certainly cannot be accomplished in a few months.

There will be many opportunities to quit, but anyone can quit. Staying requires courage, duty, and personal growth in the Lord. Every preacher will face challenges and trials, and it is during these times that God will prove us and make us. Quitting sets a pattern that may be repeated and become a way of life.

Developing a core group of leaders is a part of church planting that requires time. People do not usually come to a new church with previous training that prepared them for your philosophy or standards. You will need to teach your new converts the fundamentals of the faith. Too much responsibility too soon could bring discouragement to a new believer and could cause them to fall to the way-side.

Remember that your community and its leaders will be wary of you and your ministry until you prove yourself. Banks will be reluctant to loan money if they fear you are fly-by-night. Many people will watch you before they consider attending your church. Sometimes they will watch you for years before ever attending a service. If you leave prematurely, you will only confirm their suspicions that you had nothing permanent to offer. It takes time to get to know a community and for them to get to know and trust you. Your reputation is your life-line to reach the lost.

Building a strong and enduring ministry will not be achieved overnight. It will require faithfulness over many years. There will be good times and bad, but staying during the bad times will be the source of your personal growth in the Lord and pave the way for the church to become strong.

Staying faithful will prove to be a source of great delight for the faithful man of God. A faithful preacher will have the privilege of reaping fruit he would never have seen had he quit.

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