What to Look for in a Church Planter

7 Important Areas to Be in Agreement On

There are several things that are extremely important when you look for someone who is qualified to be sent out from your church to plant another. Although you are not looking for an exact clone of yourself, you do need to make sure that you and this church planter are compatible in a number of areas.

The following are things the sending pastor and church will need to develop and have an understanding of with the church-planter. I could elaborate on each of them, but for the sake of time I will just mention them briefly. You will need to know and fully understand his thoughts and philosophy on the following:

1. Management—his overall work habits and time management. The ministry is no place for a slothful or undisciplined leader.

2. Music—you must find out whether or not the church planter will be duplicating your basic music philosophy (and what to do if his music philosophy is not similar to yours).

3. Manners—his ethics and treatment of others (including the pastors and churches in the area where he wants to minister).

4. Money—his personal finances need to be in order. He must not have any debt.

5. Missions Philosophy—never send anyone out from your church who doesn’t have God’s global vision for the world.

6. Mode—your relationship and ethics with other pastors and churches is important, i.e. letting them know when someone visits your church from their church.

7. Methodology—the important thing here is to insure that there is agreement on your plans for planting and pastoring a church.

For those of you who are pastors, the key thing is to be looking for men in whom you can invest your life. I am afraid the reason we don’t see more boys and men being called into the ministry is because we are not asking God to give us more. “Ye have not, because ye ask not” (James 4:2).

May God give us more men and boys to work with and send out into the harvest field.

This article was originally posted on Budcalvert.com.

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