Sermon Illustrations


Selfish Dating

A young man called his mother and excitedly announced that he had just met the woman of his dreams.

His mother said, “Why don’t you send her flowers and invite her to your apartment for a home-cooked meal?”

The day after the big date, his mother called to see how things had gone.

“Mom, the evening was a complete disaster,” he replied. “It was horrible!”

“Why, didn’t she come over?” his mother asked.

“Yes, she came over. But she refused to cook!”

Making a Straight Path in the Snow

Two boys were playing in the snow one day; when one said to the other, “Let us see who can make the straightest path in the snow.” His companion readily accepted the proposition, and they started.

The Greatness of a Man’s Power Is the Measure of His Surrender

When J. Wilbur Chapman was in London, he had an opportunity to meet General Booth, who at that time was past eighty years of age. Dr. Chapman listened reverently as the old general spoke of the trials and the conflicts and the victories. Then the American evangelist asked the general if he would disclose his secret for success.

Don’t Focus on Your Worries

One day John Wesley was walking with a troubled man who expressed his doubt as to the goodness of God. He said, “I do not know what I shall do with all this worry and trouble.”

At the same moment Wesley saw a cow looking over a stone wall. “Do you know,” asked Wesley, “why that cow is looking over the wall?”

“No,” said the man who was worried.

Wesley said, “The cow is looking over the wall because she cannot see through it. That is what you must do with your wall of trouble—look over it and avoid it.”

There Are Bridges All the Way

A young girl, unaccustomed to traveling, was taking a train ride through the country, and it happened that in the course of the day her train was obliged to cross two branches of a river and several wide streams. The water seen in advance always awakened doubts and fears in the child. She did not understand how it could safely be crossed. As they drew near the river, however, a bridge appeared, and furnished a way over. Two or three times the experience was repeated, and finally the child leaned back with a long breath of relief and confidence.

Famous Last Words

“I can beat it!”

“I wonder if it’s loaded. I’ll look down the barrel and see.”

“Look at this wire hanging down into the street! I’ll throw it to one side.”

“I wonder how much electricity these wires carry. I’ll touch this one and see.”

“I wonder whether this rope will hold my weight!”

“Listen! That’s the train whistle. Step on the gas, and we’ll beat it across.”

“That firecracker must have gone out. I’ll light it again.”

“Watch me skate past the ‘danger’ sign. I’ll bet I can touch it.”

Larry King’s Greatest Fear

For the twentieth anniversary of Larry King Live, Barbara Walters interviewed the man who became famous interviewing others. She asked him direct and revealing questions. Two of the most telling responses came when she probed about fear and faith. Walters asked King, “What is your greatest fear?”

He immediately replied, “Death.” This interview occurred in 2005 when he was at the very top of his career and had much to lose, but none of that mattered compared to the fear of death.

Her follow-up question was, “Do you believe in God?”

I am the Resurrection and the Life

A man was once conversing with a Brahmin priest, and he asked: “Could you say, ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life?’”

“Yes,” replied the priest, “I could say that.”

“But could you make any one believe it?”

Christ proved His superiority right there. His character and His actions were back of His words. He exhibited His divine power to silence His enemies.

Source: Moody’s Stories, p. 64

The Least I Can Do Is Say, “Thanks”

A pastor stood at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and watched as a man in tears lay a wreath at the base of the memorial. The pastor put his hand on the man’s shoulder, and the man said, “Twenty-five years ago he stepped into the line of fire for me, the least I can do is say, ‘Thanks.’”

Source: Unknown

No Need to Read Them

A great many people say, you must hear both sides; but if a man should write me a most slanderous letter about my wife, I don’t think I would have to read it; I should tear it up and throw it to the winds. Have I to read all the infidel books that are written, to hear both sides? Have I to take up a book that is a slander on my Lord and Master, who has redeemed me with His blood? Ten thousand times no! I will not touch it.

Source: Moody’s Stories, D. L. Mody