Sermon Illustrations


Bringing Your Family to Church

Some parents say, “I don’t believe in making kids go to church. They will resent it later.”

Do you make them brush their teeth? Have you ever heard a teenager say, “When I turn eighteen I will not brush my teeth again!”

Source: Unknown

Disturbing the King

The story is told of a king who was in his throne room, holding a council with his advisers, noblemen, and high ministers of state. Suddenly there was a bang and a clatter at the door of the throne room. All eyes turned as the door burst open and a young boy ran into the room.

One of the king’s royal guardsmen tried to stop the boy. “Hold there, lad!” he shouted. “Don’t you know you’re disturbing the council of the king?”

“He’s your king,” laughed the boy, “but he’s my Daddy!” And the boy bounced into the open arms of his father, the king.

The Believer Is Safe in God’s Hand

A German botanist, who was traveling in Turkey, saw a rare flower hanging from an inaccessible precipice. He offered ten piastres, then twenty, then half-a-sovereign, and, finally, one pound, to a tempted but hesitating boy, if he would be slung over with a rope and cut the plant. The boy, struck with a new thought, said, “Wait a moment, and I will go for my father to come and hold the rope; then I will willingly go down and get it.”

Don’t Give Up on Sinners

Zach Dunlap said he feels, “Pretty good,” Just four months after the doctors almost removed his organs because he was declared brain dead.

Mr. Dunlap was pronounced dead November 19, 2007 at United Regional Healthcare System in Wichita Falls, Texas.

While family members payed their last respects just before his organs were to be given for transplant, he moved his foot and hand in reaction to a pocketknife being scraped across his foot and pressure being applied under one of his fingernails.

Angry Drivers

Two men, driving in Southern California, got into a battle of road rage after one cut the other off in a parking lot. The hot-headed men sped out of the parking lot in a fit of anger, chasing, driving recklessly, dodging and weaving in and out of traffic. They endangered a lot of lives before  one finally forced the other to careen out of control. The driver frantically tried to regain control, but in the process an innocent little girl on a nearby sidewalk was killed. A young life was taken simply because two men became needlessly angry at each other.

Use the Right Measuring Stick

A self-righteous man once boasted to a Christian friend of his, “You know, John, I’m not such a bad fellow. There are many worse than I!” His friend replied, “Ivor, you are measuring yourself by the wrong standard. You measure yourself by the harlots and drunkards you see on Skid Row and you feel quite satisfied by comparison. But go and measure yourself alongside Jesus Christ and see how you make out.” No person’s life cuts much of a figure when placed alongside the perfect life of Christ. The life of the Lord Jesus shows us how crooked and defiled our own lives really are.

Man Falls short of the Standard

Two men went to the recruiting office in London to join a guards regiment. The standard height for a guardsman was a minimum of six feet. One man was taller than the other, but when they were measured officially both were disqualified. The shorter of the two measured only five feet seven inches and was far too short; his companion measured five feet eleven and a half inches and, stretch to his uttermost as he did, he could not make it any more. Nor did his pleas avail.

A Walk through the Bible

The following was found written in the fly leaf of Evangelist Billy Sunday’s Bible after he died:

Twenty-nine years ago, with the Holy Spirit as my Guide, I entered at the portico of Genesis, walked down the corridor of the Old Testament art galleries, where pictures of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Isaac, Jacob, and Daniel hung on the wall. I passed into the music room of Psalms where the Spirit sweeps the keyboard of nature until it seems that every reed and pipe in God’s great organ responds to the harp of David, the sweet singer of Israel.

The Power Must Be Used

A young missionary, Herbert Jackson, was given a car to help him in his work. The car was a major asset, but it had one difficulty—it would not start without a push or a jump-start. Jackson devised a system to cope with the car’s inability to start. When he was ready to leave his home, he went to a nearby school and asked permission to bring some of the children out of class to help him push-start his car.

Wringing His Hands

Ralph was head over heels in trouble, but doing little to help himself. A friend advised, “Ralph, you’ve got two hands, why don’t you do something?”

“I am,” Ralph replied, “I’m wringing both of them.”

Source: Unknown
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College