Why Can’t You Design?

The World Expects It

Excuses for being a terrible designer are numerous—starting with no talent, leading to no ability, and going on from there. But ready or not, our modern culture has made designers of us all.

We live in a world that expects us to have beautiful presentations, elegant business cards, and impressive websites. It is as critical as eating, and it has never been easier to learn. With today’s innovative software it requires less talent than it did in the past.

But first, what does it take to be a designer? It starts with an interest. I didn’t start out as a designer. I didn’t go to school for graphic design. I started by being interested, and it developed into something more. If you hate design, then start by cultivating an interest.

Second, acquire the necessary skills. Design can be a gratifying spectator sport, but if you are going to make it happen you need to get your hands on it. You need to get involved. You need to work with the tools. This is where the computer can assist you. It is a store full of tools.

I put together a variety of insightful resources that have helped me design over the years. I also included a few of the most popular designs people have asked me to send them.

Sure you can hire the best designer in the world to complete your project. But you don’t have to pay for mediocre design when you can learn the principles and do it yourself.

Software Worth Purchasing

Adobe Creative Suite which includes:

  • Photoshop—Image Creation and Editing
  • InDesign—Page Layout
  • Illustrator—Artwork Creation and Layout
  • Bridge—Digital Management Software (also includes GoLive, Acrobat Professional)

Box Shot 3D—create virtual renderings of products

Sites Worth Visiting

Books Worth Reading

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