8 Tips for Songwriters

A Recipe for Good Songwriting

1. Know Your Music Theory

Well-written music is not an accident but comes from hard work and skilled labor.

2. Study Good Music

Analyze and peruse successful music. Surround yourself with excellent music in a variety of God-honoring styles. Ask yourself, “What sets this song apart from ‘average’ songs?”

3. Know the Subject of Your Songs Well

I write only Christian music. The content of your music must come from your daily walk with the Lord in Bible reading, prayer, and the closeness of your relationship with Him.

4. Be Critical of Your Music

Do not set low limits, but strive to be your best. Be sure the melody is attractive, easily sung, and flows with the content of the lyrics. Use a thesaurus or a rhyming dictionary to aid you in writing outstanding lyrics. After you have completed a song, set it aside for a period of time, and then return with a fresh perspective.

5. Write Regularly

The more you write the better you should become. Don’t give up after the first few songs. Many musicians write for years before producing songs that are singable and endure the test of time. Keep working at it!

6. Have Qualified Musicians Review Your Music

Listen to their comments and learn from them. Do not be easily offended, but be willing to learn and grow.

7. Strive to Have Your Music Published and Recorded

Submit your music to the market you are seeking. Again, don’t give up. Ask the Lord to use your music to honor Him and help other Christians, and keep submitting.

8. Be Honest in Your Writing

Do not copy the work of others. Be yourself in your songwriting and glorify God in the music He gives you.

The bottom line is: keep writing. Do not be easily satisfied. Hone your skills to be the best you can be for the Lord in this area.

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