Keeping the Right Focus

People Must Come Before Projects

In ministry, we must continually try to balance our priorities—all the day to day activities—all the things that take up our time throughout the day. For some, balancing their priorities may be easy; but for others it can be a challenge.

There are always projects to do and goals to reach. If we are going to stay balanced, we must prioritize how we spend our time. When it comes to ministry, what are going to be your main priorities? Is your ministry going to be focused on reaching and teaching people, or is it going to be focused on doing projects and hitting goals?

Don’t get me wrong, goals and projects are important. However, they should not be emphasized to the point that reaching people gets overlooked. A few months ago, we were in the middle of a much needed remodeling project at our church. A need arose, and I had to determine if I should take time away from the remodeling to meet the need. As I talked to my wife about the problem, she asked a very profound question that should have been my thought from the beginning. She said something to this effect, “Why are we here? Are we here to minister to people, or to do projects?”

That question really impacted me. So I will ask a similar question concerning the ministry you are in. Are you in the ministry to serve people, or are you there to do projects and achieve goals? Jesus came to this earth to minister to people. He went out of His way to reach the woman at the well. He knew which “distractions” to focus on because He kept a close relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Looking at the example of Christ gives us a clear picture of what our priorities should be. We should focus on helping people have eternal life and having abundant life in Christ while continuing to grow closer to our Lord.

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”—John 10:10b

For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”— Luke 19:10

So what is your focus? When moving to a new ministry, there are going to be plenty of things to do and get started. Finding a place to live, unpacking, changing license plates and drivers licenses, perhaps updating the building and policies—the list is endless; but, don’t forget the purpose of ministry.

Don’t forget the reason God placed you in that ministry. Staying focused on ministering to the needs of people can be a struggle when you look at all projects that need to get done. Remember that there will always be another day for projects, but there might not be another day to reach that person for Christ.

Working toward goals is great, but investing time in the hurting, questioning believer could make all the difference in their life. Sometimes we need to interrupt our well laid plans in order to impact a soul. So friend where are your priorities? What can wait for another day, and what should be focused on today?

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