Facing the Giant of Pride

Facing Your Giants—Part 7

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Luke 18:10-14

Title: Facing the Giant of Pride

Introduction: Recently, my wife and I drove around our neighborhood for a neighborhood yard sale. As we drove around and saw the goods that many had for sale, there was something I noticed that kept coming up in various yards—exercise equipment. I suppose that all of it was purchased with good intentions, but the intentions went by the way side and now it sits, unused and unwanted, and the purchaser sits unchanged. Why? Because change is uncomfortable.

Pride’s ultimate goal is to preserve self, to protect self, and to promote self. It may take many different forms, but ultimately it must preserve, protect, and promote self. It is then robbing God of the glory that belongs solely to Him and to Him alone. Pride was birthed with original sin when Lucifer attempted to ascribe glory to himself that was God’s alone. And pride continues to be the great divide between God and man today.

I. The Problem of Pride

A. Defined

B. The characteristics of pride

1. It is deceptive.

2. It is destructive.

3. It is devouring.

4. It is divisive.

5. It is defying to Almighty God.

II. The Power of Humility

A. Defined

B. Blessed

1. God lives with the humble.

2. God listens to the requests of the humble.

3. God loadeth the humble with benefits.

4. God lifts up, exalts, and promotes the humble.

5. God likens the humble to the truly great.

Conclusion: In his book, The Calvary Road, Roy Hession quotes a verse from an African Hymn that says:

Lord, bend that proud and stiff-necked I,
Help me to bow the head and die,
Beholding Him on Calvary,
Who bowed His head for me.

The truth is, the only truly beautiful thing about the Christian is Jesus Christ.

You and I can leave here today proclaiming our innocence or we can “justify God” and enjoy peace, fellowship, and new victory through the blood of Jesus. What will you do?

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