Riches Are Uncertain: Managing Resources

Make Sure You Have Riches That Last

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Text: 1Timothy 6:17-19

Title: Riches Are Uncertain: Managing Your Resources

Introduction: Charge them—declare boldly, command. Look at verse 13—Paul, as an apostle, was reminding them of his God given authority. This was a passionate, emotionally charged declaration. You may say, “I am not rich,” but you are my friend.

Statistics of wealthy people from

Annual income:

$25,000—top 10% wealthiest of world

$40,000—top 3%

$50,000—top 1%

$100,000—top 0.66%

$250,000—top .001%

There are 3 billion people who live on less than $2 per day.

I. The Uncertainty of Earthly  Riches v. 17

A. A Material Thought

B. A Misplaced Trust

II. The Understanding of an Earnest Relationship v. 17

A. A Living God
I believe that people who lack in their relationship with God look for satisfaction in earthly riches. An earnest relationship with God brings satisfaction. While God is certain, riches are not, nor can they be the answer to our problems. God owns everything. In Matthew 25:14-30 we see that the servant with five talents was given five more because he could be trusted. When God trusts you with wealth (as He does all of us), use it for Him. Double the influence of your riches. Which man in the story do you want to be? The man with one talent who buried it in the dirt or the one who used it?

B. A Loving Gift
He wants us to enjoy what He gave us.

III. The Uncovering of an Edifying Reality  v. 18-19

A. The Reality of True Riches—Rich in Good Works

B. The Reality of True Readiness—Ready To Distribute

C. The Reality of True Rejoicing—Willing To Communicate—Being a Partner

D. The Reality of True Reward


The uncertainty of earthly riches…

The understanding of an earnest relationship…

The uncovering of an edifying reality… 

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