The First Book of Revelation

Joseph Series—Part 10

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Text: Genesis 45:4

Title: The First Book of Revelation

Introduction: The Book of the Revelation is one where mystery and the hidden things are revealed to John. It is a story of how wrongs are made right. It is the ultimate picture of justice. The final chapters in Genesis are also ones of great revelation.

There are times when people are revealed for what they really are. We may have some indication, but trials—and often time treasures—reveal the real person.

The work of bringing Joseph’s brothers to a place of true repentance had been accomplished. Now, they were prepared to see him for who he truly was.

I. The Revelation of His Person

II. The Revelation of His Purposes

A. To pardon

B. To provide

C. To praise

D. To be personal

III. The Resources of Joseph


Genesis 45:24
So he sent his brethren away, and they departed: and he said unto them, See that ye fall not out by the way.

Joseph is now sending them on a mission. He wants them to return to bring their father to him. The journey will be long, the temptations will be real, but his provision is more than sufficient. He reminds them, “fall not out by the way.”

Today, our reminder is the same. Jesus has well provisioned us for all that we stand in need of. If we are lacking, He will readily supply. He has all we need (remember, He’s loaded). So, He reminds us as well to “fall not out by the way.”

Where are you today? Have you been restored to your Father in Heaven? Or, are you still living with the guilt that you have brought upon yourself because of your sin. Jesus has been patiently orchestrating the circumstances of your life to bring you to a point of restoration. He longs for fellowship with you. Are you ready to be restored?

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