The Place of Honor

I Will Honor God—Part 6

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Text: Proverbs 18:12

Title: The Place of Honor

Introduction: Sometimes when we follow a map or GPS we end up at the wrong place despite our best intentions. When it comes to honor, we often believe that we are in the right place, but after an honest evaluation we find that we have honored ourselves. In fact, in John 5:44 Jesus said: “How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?”

The Pharisees to whom Jesus was speaking were looking for honor in the wrong place. True honor could not be found from one another—it must come from God.

So, where is the place of honor? It may not be exactly where you think it is.

I. The Place of Honor Begins at the Bottom, Not the Top

II. The Place of Honor Begins with Service

III. The Place of Humility Comes with Many Advantages

1. God lives with the humble.

2. God listens to the requests of the humble.

3. The humble are the recipients of “more grace.”

4. He exalts, lifts up, and promotes the humble.

5. He considers the humble to be truly great.

6. It is a prerequisite for true riches, honor, and fullness of life.

IV. How Can I Develop True Humility?

1. Look to serve instead of to be served.

2. Stay fresh in your relationship with God.

Nothing breeds hardness of the soul like a stale relationship with God.

3. Find no service to menial for you to do.

4. Look for opportunities to serve that no one will know of but God.

5. Take the lowest position first.

Conclusion: Every Christian has a choice between being humble or being humbled. What will you do?

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