Thy God Reigneth

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Text: Isaiah 52:7-11

Title: Thy God Reigneth!

Introduction: Israel was defeated and taken into the captivity of Babylon in 586 B. C. This captivity lasted until 538 B. C., a period of forty-eight years. Their capital city, the holy city of Jerusalem, and the temple of Solomon lay in ruin—this was complete and utter devastation and humiliation to a very proud people.

Our great nation of Canada mirrors Israel in some ways.

1. The founding of our nation was blessed by God.

2. Like Israel, we feared God and looked to Him for guidance and strength. Although most Canadians don’t even realize it, the words of our national anthem declare this fear of God.

I. The Watchmen Shall Lift up the Voice Together

II. They Shall See Eye to Eye

III. Be Ye Clean That Bear the Vessels of the Lord

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