9 Scheduling Tips for Youth Workers

Making Sure the Important Things Get Done

For the new youth worker, making a schedule and sticking to it will make the difference between success or failure. Our Lord was a scheduled man. Scriptures never show Him in a hurry playing catch up. When He heard of Lazarus’ sickness He even stayed two days in the same place!

Jesus scheduled His prayer life. His ministry was scheduled. He abode in the Mt. of Olives at night and ministered in the city during the day. You will get more done and feel less fretful as you pray over God’s schedule for your ministry and follow it. Don’t forget David’s sin in Second Samuel 11 because of not following a schedule!

1. List All Activities and Responsibilities You Have on Paper

I listed my responsibilities several years ago and will include them here for an example: Christian, husband, father, church member, youth pastor, soulwinning youth director, brother, son, Sunday school teacher, teen church pastor, counselor, teen challenge speaker, public school ministries director, youth activity leader, staff member.

2. Meet with Your Pastor So He Can Help Prioritize Each Responsibility

3. Put Your Walk with God As Top Priority and Don’t Let Anything Bump It

Pick a solitary place and stick to it.

4. Write Down Time Allotted for All Activities

List the hours it takes for lesson preparation, planning of activities, etc.

5. Be Heavy on the Soulwinning

Don’t get in the rut of “hanging around the church office.” Get people down the aisle! Have visitors in church!

6. Let Your Schedule Be Your Boss

Be a self-starter. Don’t make your preacher have to light a fire under you to get your jobs done. If you can’t get the job done—resign so the pastor can get someone who can.

7. Work Hard

Stay busy. Be known as a hard worker. Have no unplanned idleness. Some may out-talent you, but don’t let anyone out-work you. Plan, pray, study, think, preach, witness, counsel. Teens look to admire heroes. No one idolizes a lazy man.

8. Alter Your Schedule to Get Desired Results

If you are not happy with what you have been producing figure out what you need to tweak to get the result you want.

9. Write out a Detailed Schedule and Share it with Your Spouse for Their Input

There were times my pastor had me do things for the church so I had to be flexible with “my” plans. Also, I learned that the family has to take priority over any of my plans. I needed to love my wife as much as Jesus loved the church!

This article is taken from the book Called or Crazy by Mike Ray.

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