A Productive Staff Member Bears Fruit

John 15:8 says, “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” In other words, God wants His workers to produce fruit. Christian fruit includes: Christian character, the fruit of the spirit, praise to God on our lips, and souls. Here are some thoughts about bearing fruit.

Produce in attendance and converts down the aisle. When you are entrusted with a class, it is not for maintenance but for construction. Get the attendance up. Visit absentees. Get visitors there. Don’t let people hear how many folks you lead to Christ but let them see them at the altar.

Set a weekly goal of people whom you have won down the aisle for public profession. For 7 years in Baton Rouge I averaged 2 people (teens and adults) down the aisle every Sunday 52 weeks a year. The most I ever had in one Sunday was 7. Not all got baptized but many did! Talk about putting the youth ministry in full view of the church –it did! The youth group averaged about 30. We were able to put qualified leaders in key positions and the attendance grew to 100–130 every week!

Make a prospect list. Get a system of 3 by 5 cards or a notebook and organize your plan of attack. Know who your absentees are. Have correct phone numbers and addresses. Have a mail out list. Keep your eyes open everywhere for teens. Half of your city is a prospect.

Map your city. Know where your public schools are. Hit houses door to door soulwinning.

Put many fishhooks in the water. While in Louisiana we had door to door soulwinning, public school addresses, referrals, visitor cards, teen drug rehab hospitals, etc.

Reach middle class families too. Everyone needs the Lord. Church finances can only fund so many bus routes and youth ideas. Middle class people are usually people with some character about them. They know how to work. That is where many of your future youth helpers will come from. Go after them and the poor too.

Producing insures future stability in your position.

Producing is an example to your teens who will one day be church workers.

Get some families in. Get them to all the services and growing in the Lord. If all you build is a youth ministry, you will soon lose opportunity to work with the youth.

Produce so much fruit that the pastor would want to hire you if it weren’t for the fact that he already did. When is the last time you had a soul down the aisle whom you won? Is your class growing in attendance. Remember, the pastor will find your mistakes easier to deal with if you are a producer. What steps could you take to be a better producer?

Taken from the book Called or Crazy by Mike Ray.

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