Finding Teens During Soulwinning

Seeing People Saved Is Essential in Keeping Teens Faithful to Soulwinning

You may get a teenager soulwinning once, but they will not keep coming unless they see some tangible victory soon—souls saved and people attending church. In order for your teens to see souls saved, it is best to go where other teens are.

Adults have a hard time winning adults—much less teens winning adults. Let teens have a chance at reaching their own age. Teens are hurt, confused, searching, and looking for a group in which to fit. Listed below are places we have passed out brochures and tracts. Many teens stopped to listen. Some laughed. But some were saved.

Local malls


Public school functions

Sidewalks after schools

Game rooms

Skating rinks

Houses with basketball goals

Teen drug hospitals

Outside rock concerts

Juvenile halls

I’m for door-to-door soulwinning, but in addition to door knocking, let’s go where they are!

This article is an excerpt from the book Basic Training for Sunday School Teachers by Mike Ray.

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