About Ministry127

Welcome to Ministry127—a resource for Spiritual Leaders! This website, hosted by Pastor Paul Chappell, features a growing collection of ministry resources that are available 24/7 at no charge. Contributors to Ministry127 are spiritual leaders from around the world who serve God on the front lines of local church ministry. They are fundamental in doctrine, biblical in practice, and Christ-honoring in ministry philosophy.

What's in the Name Ministry127?

The name is based upon Philippians 1:27 "...striving together for the faith of the gospel." This entire site is designed and developed for the purpose of strengthening the "striving together" spirit of independent Baptist leaders and local churches.

Ministry127 offers a variety of resources for Spiritual Leaders. Here you will find:

Ministry Leadership Articles

Posted by category, these articles cover sixteen categories of ministry. They will challenge, sharpen, and equip you for effective ministry with a biblical foundation.

Spiritual Leadership Podcast

This is a monthly training lesson, interview, and outline from Pastor Paul Chappell, pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church and president of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA. All podcasts may be subscribed to through iTunes. Subscribe through iTunes

Sermon Illustrations

Each week, new sermon illustrations are posted. Over time, this archive will greatly expand.

Sermon Outlines

On a regular basis, new sermon outlines and sermon series are made available.

Sermon Archive

The sermon archive is searchable by title, text, and topic and will grow significantly in coming months.

Global Search

The search bar at the top of all pages is one of the most powerful features of Ministry127. It searches the site globally—giving you results for all articles, sermons, slides, videos, illustrations, and contributors. Type in a season, a key word, a sermon text, or a topic and you will pull results from every part of the site. For instance, a search for "Easter" would provide you with articles, illustrations, slides, videos, sermon outlines, .mp3 files, and more—related to Easter.

Additional Resources and Reviews

Ministry127 features book reviews and ongoing announcements of helpful ministry resources.

Terms of Use:

Ministry127 provides that users can access and reuse the resources found on this site in their own ministries. We welcome the reposting or use of articles on blogs, social networking sites, ministry websites, or for use in local church publications, bulletins, brochures, or newsletters—as long as the author and Ministry127 are cited as the source.

For web posting, please provide a link back to Ministry127.com.  Users are not permitted to reproduce or distribute the contents of this site for resale or profit. For permission to use a resource outside of your own ministry—such as for a conference, publication, etc., please contact Ministry127.

General Content Disclaimer:

The content of Ministry127 is provided by the cooperative effort of a large group of independent Baptist pastors, evangelists, church staff members, missionaries, educators, and workers. The doctrinal position of our contributors is consistent with our posted doctrinal statement. We appreciate the unity of our contributors, but also recognize that each of their ministries is different, and therefore, posts may share ideas, thoughts, or resources that are not preferred in other ministry environments.

Additionally, when referencing books in reviews, illustrations, or other resources, Ministry127 would not necessarily endorse all of the authors, ministries, or publishing houses mentioned on such posts.

Content authors and Ministry127 staff give due diligence to finding and citing accurate sources for quotes and illustrations. When we have been unable to find the origination, the source is cited as "unknown."

Comments Policy:

Comments and dialogues on Ministry127 are encouraged and welcomed. This site is designed to encourage and equip others in the work of the ministry. This is not a forum for debate, criticism, or the general airing of grievances.

Comments should be consistent with the content of the post, encouraging in tone and spirit, and edifying to readers. Negative, critical, debating comments, or those inconsistent with our posted doctrinal statement will be removed immediately.

This website is a ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church, West Coast Baptist College, and Striving Together Publications.

Doctrinal Statement:

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