5 Reasons Parents Should Choose Christian Education for Their Children

1. Philosophy

Children are able to learn biblical philosophy in a godly and safe environment. The worldly philosophy that is constantly bombarding the family needs to be suppressed by the biblically-sound philosophy taught through a Christian curriculum by godly teachers.

2. Character

Children are taught character traits that are not only biblical in their foundation but are exemplified in the adults who teach them. Faithfulness, loyalty, obedience, and truthfulness are just a few of those traits that are so lacking in the public arena.

3. Partnership

Christian school personnel desire to partner with parents in teaching their children. The responsibility of training children is given by God to the parents. It is a blessing when other Christian adults who are educators can come alongside parents and educate their children.

4. The Three R’s

Children are not only taught the 3 R’s—reading, writing, arithmetic—but are also taught history and science from a biblical world view. For example, the main purpose for teaching students to read is so that they can read the Bible. Without knowing the truth of the Word of God, we would be a people without the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

5. Life-long Friendships

Children make life-long Christian friendships with their peers as well as their mentors. Our five grown children still communicate with their childhood peers, many of them serving the Lord in ministries around the world. They also still contact their teachers and seek godly counsel from these wise adults.

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