7 Traits Every Teacher Should Have

An Acrostic for “Teacher”

As a principal, there are several traits I look for in teachers, and I would like to share seven of them with you:


  • Have a good attitude about learning your curriculum, procedures, etc.
  • Just because you have a college degree, does not mean you know everything.
  • There is always room for improvement.
  • Ask your school how they would want to do something—don’t assume you already know.


  • We teach in a Christian school! Show the love of Christ! Even if the subject matter is hard or detailed, we should look for ways to apply it to our students’ lives.
  • Integrate the Bible into subjects.


  • We must show ourselves friendly to students and to parents. Pray for them and work at it! They have something to teach you!
  • You cannot be buddies with the students. You must be balanced—be firm, fair (consistent), and do not show favorites.
  • Build relationships with parents—write personal notes and make phone calls (don’t rely on emails or voicemail as they are too impersonal).


  • Be faithful (in your place)
  • Be loyal (support leaders—pray for them and write notes)
  • Be kind (do acts of kindness)
  • Be punctual (early is on time and on time is late)
  • Be loving
  • Be tenacious (don’t quit)
  • Be joyful (be thankful)
  • Be peaceful (create an atmosphere of peace)
  • Be patient (wait for children to answer)
  • Be gentle (take time to hear their troubles)
  • Be righteous (not holier than thou—sharing your struggles to a certain extent shows that you are human)


  • Show respect to those in authority. Teach it to your students.
  • Do not demand respect from them, but earn it.
  • Answer students with yes ma’am and yes sir.


  • Be eager for your students to learn.
  • Be creative so they will want to learn.


  • Do the tasks that are assigned to you.
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