Christian Education Gives Children a Head Start on Life

Christian Schools Are Not Bubbles, but Greenhouses

I love spring! After cold, harsh weather, the sun shines warmly on us. Spring is preparation for growth. People are preparing their gardens by pulling the weeds that have grown during the winter months. We are tilling the soil, adding nutrients to help those seeds, which will be planted, to grow into plants.

Years ago, someone told me that sending their child to a Christian school seemed like putting them in a “bubble” where they did not experience the things of this world. This person thought that Christian school children are sheltered from the real world, therefore, they would not be prepared for living in the real world.

I told her that rather than a “bubble,” the Christian school is like a greenhouse. A greenhouse is defined as, “a building, room, or area, usually chiefly of glass, in which the temperature is maintained within a desired range, used for cultivating tender plants or growing plants out of season.”

A Christian school is such a building! Along with parents and church, teachers are cultivating and nurturing tender hearts, and growing them to have a biblical philosophy as they learn necessary lessons to survive in this world (which, by the way, is not our home). With the Lord’s help, these young people are growing strong in the LORD to survive the harshness of this world’s philosophy. Plants that are grown in a greenhouse have a better opportunity of survival than seeds planted outside, which must fight the harshness of weather.

Spring is a time to prepare and plan. Prayerfully consider enrolling your children early in a Christian school so that they are able to be “cultivated” in the fall’s “off-season.” My husband and I are thankful that all five of our children grew up in a Christian school environment. It was a “sowing” process each year, coming up with the money for tuition, sports fees, and fundraisers; but we are now “reaping” the harvest as we see our children raising their children for the LORD! We also encouraged each of them to attend at least one year of Bible college. That year of concentrated Bible and godly mentors will NEVER be wasted! As parents, don’t miss your opportunity to “sow” right now!

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.—2 Peter 3:18

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