7 Oxymorons of Christmas

The King Became a Man

I’ve always liked hearing oxymorons. They are often ironically humorous. The word oxymoron itself comes from oxus which means “sharp” and moros which means “dull.”

Here are some of my favorites: jumbo shrimp, freezer burn, white chocolate, plastic silverware, airline food, sanitary landfill, and professional wrestling.

The beautiful Christmas story is loaded with powerful ironies that illustrate to us the amazing lengths God went to so that He could bring salvation to sinful mankind.

1. The Irony of the Incarnation

The Creator God became as one of the creatures—one of the created beings. He who is all power came in the helpless form of a newborn.

2. The Irony of the Setting

The arrival of the Bright and Morning Star—the Light of the World was presented in the darkness of nighttime.

3. The Irony of the Angel’s Message

“Peace on earth, good-will toward men” will lead to much evil and heart-ache as sinful man chooses to reject the Saviour. Thousands of Jewish babies will be slaughtered by order of Herod the jealous king. The prophetic forerunner of Jesus, John the Baptist will be beheaded. Several times in Jesus ministry, the Jewish leaders “sought to kill” Him. Ultimately He is put to death in the manner of a violent criminal.

4. The Irony of the Gifts Brought by the Wise Men

Myrrh, a precious spice most often used in preparation for burial and associated with death is presented to a newborn baby.

5. The Irony of the Accomodation

There was no room at the inn for the King of the Earth and Heaven. Yet, He comes to extend an open invitation to all earth dwellers into the mansions of Heaven.

6. The Irony of the Purpose

Jesus was “born to die.” The Baby Jesus was God in human flesh. His birth was not the prelude to a Kingdom, but the prelude to His death and burial, then His resurrection. Of course, He is the King—later He will exercise that authority on earth.

7. The Irony of the Name

Emanuel means “God with us.” Jesus’ birth meant that Light came to darkness, holiness contrasted sinfulness, life came to the dead, righteousness overcame wickedness, and perfect Deity dwelt with depraved humanity.

What an amazing way our Redeemer came to earth. Hallelujah, what a Saviour is Jesus, my Lord!

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