After Revival

5 Ways to Maintain the Work of Revival in Your Heart

What can be done after a revival to maintain the sense of revival once we are back to our regular routine? If you sense that God did a work in your heart during revival, and you want to keep that place and not regress, here are some suggestions:

1. Make Sure You Start Your Day with God

If you haven’t developed a daily routine of beginning your day with God, then I vehemently urge you to do so. Get up a bit earlier if necessary. Set the alarm thirty-minutes earlier and use the time to read the Word and pray. Start reading a particular book of the Bible and keep a journal of what God is teaching you. Have a prayer list, and develop a relationship with God that is alive and vibrant. Confess your sin and ask God to help you conquer that sin.

2. Throughout the Day, Stop and Whisper a Prayer

It is vital that we keep the connection with God open. When you sin, either in thought or deed, stop and deal with it at that very moment. Seek the filling of the Holy Spirit throughout the day. When you face decisions or choices, ask God to direct you. Tell Him that you want each choice and decision you make to be used by Him to accomplish His purpose.

3. Carry Gospel Tracts and Use Them to Witness

At first it might seem intimidating to hand a gospel tract to someone, but it can and should be done. Of course, if you are in a work place, you need to be careful that you are not using your employer’s time or infringing on another’s space. However, in a lunch room or during a break, you may find a perfect opportunity to speak to a colleague about Christ. It might be in the checkout line, at the dry cleaners, or at the gas station that you find people you can speak to about Christ.

4. Seek to Make Your Home a Place That Is Focused on Christ

Too many families separate their home life from their church life. There should be no difference. What you practice at home shouldn’t be different from what you profess at church. What you allow to be viewed on TV, visited on the internet, listened to through the earbuds or talked about at the dinner table should all honor Christ.

5. Find a Ministry and Engage Your Life in It

If you are not currently engaged in a church ministry, you should find out where you fit. Each of us has been uniquely gifted to serve the Lord in our church family. You need to find out what you are gifted to do, and then pour your life into that ministry. You will find that there is something special about using your life and the gifts that God has given you. Serving in the church is extremely rewarding and blessed by God.

I truly believe that if each of us would practice these five simple truths, we would keep a spirit of revival in our lives and churches.

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