Be a Positive Influence

Use the Influence God Has Given You

An important aspect of life is influence. Each one of us has influence over someone in this world. It is obvious that the more you lead, the more opportunities for influence you will have.

When God called me to preach, I had no idea where it would lead. If someone would have told me that I would one day pastor Cleveland Baptist Church and travel the world as a preacher, I would have run from the idea because I was insecure. Yet, as I have followed the Lord’s leading in my life, little by little, my opportunities for leadership and influence have grown. I do not believe that I have sought out opportunities, but as they have presented themselves, I have responded to them.

If you are a parent, you must not underestimate the power that you have to mold the children God has given you. Recently, my wife mentioned to me how thankful she was for our three sons and their accomplishments. My wife and I realized from the beginning that our boys were given to us to train. We would only have them under our daily training for eighteen years, and then they would be on their own. God blessed our efforts, and we are very grateful that all three of them are fine, upstanding Christians, married, and rearing their children responsibly.

In the work place, you have the opportunity to influence and encourage others. It is important that, as a Christian, you know what you believe and why. This is the best way to influence others. Your co-workers may disagree with your positions and values, but if you truly live them out you will be respected.

The church is influenced by the life of each member. The Bible clearly states that if we are saved and scripturally baptized, we are part of the local church. By living a pure, separated life and loving the Lord Jesus Christ, we bring a positive influence to that body. Having the Spirit in us and being excited about what God is doing in this world is of great benefit and influence.

Every one of us impacts and influences this world for better or for worse. As Christians, we should be working to be positive influences. Someday we will stand before the Lord Jesus and give an account for how we used our lives. It would be wise to live in such a way that the Lord is able to say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!”

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