Divine Communication

Are You Spending Time in God’s Word?

I love my Bible! The more I consider it, the more I realize God loved me enough to give me a letter of love–filled with power, correction, guidance, and grace. It is a wonderful book, echoing the words of David when he spoke about the sword of Goliath, “There is none like it, give it me.” Truly there is none like it!

You and I are blessed, more than any previous generation in our ability to hold, to own, and to make this Book ours. Be it copies—leather bound or not, computer, electronic—we have an abundance of the Word of God. But has that abundance, caused us to take this book for granted, to lessen its precious nature among us? I wonder how our attitude would change if suddenly, the world said it was illegal to own a Bible, they were collected and burned… impossible you say? maybe, but maybe not.

You are reading this “online.” Computers, the internet, etc. are all wonderful tools of communication, but there is a “communication” above all others. How much time have you spent this week in front of a TV, a computer screen, or staring at text messages on your mobile phone? And how have those messages benefited your spiritual life? Then I must ask, “How much time did your spend in reading and meditating upon the Bible?”

The Bible is the Word of God and is very precious to me. It really is my most prized possession, not that I could not get another, but that, as I spend more time in it, it becomes more of a friend to me. Make certain you keep your priorities straight—make time for God’s Word. I love my Bible, I trust you will, too.

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