Following through on Resolutions

It Is One Thing to Make Resolutions, It Is Another Thing to Keep Them

Resolution: Determining upon an action; a decision or determination. The mental state or quality of being resolved; firmness of purpose.

When I hear the word resolution, I immediately think of Daniel in the Old Testament. Scripture tells us in Daniel 1:8; “But Daniel purposed in his heart….” There are many things we can learn from Daniel’s life. One passage that jumps out to me about Daniel and his friends is found in Daniel 1:20, where we are told that they were found to be ten times better than their fellows.

They were found that way because they had made some personal resolutions. The Bible says Daniel, “Purposed in his heart.” This was more than the average new year’s resolution that is made to lose weight and be a millionaire.

I am for resolutions that are going to help you to achieve your personal goals. However, I encourage you to sit down and look at your year so far. What did you resolve to change, add or learn this year that will affect both you and those around you in a tremendous way? Have you made progress with the resolutions you made two months ago?

If not, you may need to go beyond a simple resolution and purpose some things in your heart. Search the Scriptures, and you will realize that Christ does not only want to give you salvation, but He wants every believer to enjoy the abundant life.

What can you do to bring up your grades? What can you do to help that friend in need? How can you encourage your teachers who work diligently to give a balanced education? What needs to be done so you can enjoy your day more? Remember each day is a new opportunity: an opportunity to learn something, an opportunity to correct a mistake that was made the day before, an opportunity to meet new people and to help someone along their path.

Based on the principles in the Word of God, when one is purposed to follow Christ, the end result is “ten times better.” This is not an easy task for anyone to do. Each of us must prepare ourselves to remove all obstacles that will prevent our purpose.

Thoughts to help you follow through with the things you have purposed:

  • List some things you purpose to do and not to do.
  • Make a covenant about those things you have purposed (Daniel 1:8).
  • Surround yourself with people that will help you fulfill your God given purpose.
  • When you fail, don’t quit.
  • Thank God daily for His faithfulness and claim His Word in your life.
  • Start each day receiving instruction from God, and end each night receiving correction from God.
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