Let’s Go In

Living in Spiritual Victory

We find written in the Word of God the words, “He brought them out that He may bring them in.” This statement refers to the children of Israel. They were delivered from Egyptian bondage. The purpose for their deliverance was not that they might wander in the desert, but that they may enter into the promised land. The desert wandering was an unnecessary detour. God does not desire for us to wander in the desert but to have victory in the promised land.

Victory for the child of God is accomplishing the will of God for his life. Jesus said in John 4:34, “My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to finish His work.” Meat represents satisfaction and sustenance. Thus, Jesus was saying that the thing which will bring joy or a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is to do the will of God and to finish His work.

Too often people are delivered from the power of sin (thank God for this!); however, they really never get involved in the work of God. Churches often come out of a liberal denomination (this is the right thing to do); however they never really go on to minister to the community where they are located nor to the world through a great missionary program.

The purpose of God for Israel was not just to get them out of Egypt. His purpose was to get them into the promised land.

Missionaries often leave America and go to another country but, regrettably, never really get into the country. Oh, geographically they are in another country; however, they really never enter into the life of the people of the country in which they are located. It is sad to say, but too many missionaries leave their hearts somewhere other than where they are ministering.

Let’s determine to go into the promised land this year. We have been saved, now let us go on to a victorious Christian life. By the way, the victorious Christian life is not success (whatever that may be) but obedience to God’s command. Many of us independent Baptists have come out of liberal denominations. It does us no good to spend the rest of our days bragging about it. Let’s go in! God has a great work for us to do. It is regrettable but true that many who come out, never really go in. This is sad and a disgrace. It is a sin!

During the tenure of Oliver Cromwell the British government began to run low on the silver they used for coins. Lord Cromwell sent his men to investigate the local cathedral to see if any of the precious metal could be found there. After investigating they reported, “The only silver we could find was the statues of the saints standing in the corner.” To this the radical soldier and statesman of England replied, “Good! We will melt the saints and put them into circulation.”

May the fervent heat of the Holy Spirit melt us and put us into circulation among the lost and dying multitude. God has brought us out. Let’s not be satisfied with the desert. Let’s go into the promised land. God desires to put you, your church, and your organization in a place of useful service which is the Christian’s promised land.

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