Pleasurable Peace

When You Delight in the Lord, You Will Seek His Works

Recently, in my personal worship, I came across two great truths that stirred my heart and caused me to contemplate some meditative thoughts. The verses are in Psalm 111 and 112, they are both incredibly rich with significant truths about the kind of experience God wants each of His children to enjoy with Him while they journey through this life here and now. One of the truths that captivated my attention was in Psalm 111:2:

The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.

It is definitely true that we will seek out what we find pleasure in. If you find pleasure in exercise, you will make time in your schedule to do it, but if it is not at all pleasurable, the least little thing will keep you from it. If you find pleasure in a person’s company, no distance is too far, no challenge is too great to spend some time with that person. If a certain type of food or meal is pleasurable to you, then you would have no problem eating it three times a day or every evening for dinner all week long. But at the same time, if a food is not pleasurable to you, one time a year is too often even if it is good for your health.

The works of the Lord found in the Word of the Lord are sought out by those who find pleasure in them, while easily avoidable by those who do not. Discovering new truths and insights into known truths is a constant source of joy to those who delight themselves in the law of the Lord.

If you are in the Word much at all, staying sensitive to the Spirit of God as you  read it, you will be regularly pleased by the things you discover and uncover as you dig into His truth. It is there for anyone who will find pleasure in it.

The other truth that stirred my heart is found in Psalm 112. This Psalm is talking about the blessed man, which is discussed in several other Psalms and portions of Scripture. In fact, the phrase “blessed man” is a great word study to dig into in God’s Word and see what God has to say about being that blessed person. But look at the reality of peace in verses 7 and 8:

He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he see his desire upon his enemies.

The hope of our heart is fixed by trusting in the Lord. The word fixed in the Hebrew means, “To be set up; or erect, established, or stable,” it means to be, “Focused, prepared, or ready for prosperity.”

This is what happens for the person who is trusting in the Lord, and it is connected back to delighting in God’s Word. The more you enjoy the Word, the more you will be in the Word, and then the more you will be fixed in your heart and experience peace in your life by trusting in the Lord.

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