Properly Placed Faith

Faith Is the Christian’s Greatest Asset

Everyone has faith in something or someone. We place our faith in the vehicle we drive to work and the simple appliances that we use. It is truly amazing how many things that we place our faith in throughout our daily lives.

For a believer, faith is more than just a word we use. Faith is how we begin our Christian life and how we will please our heavenly Father according to Hebrews 11:6. A poorly written letter with a stamp will arrive at its destination, while a perfectly written one without a stamp will not. Likewise, it is not the eloquence of our prayer that captures God’s attention, but the faith we display by coming to God and trusting Him with our petitions.

Our faith is the greatest asset we have in our Christian walk. The two blind men healed in Matthew 9 were healed according to their faith. We are reminded by Christ in Mark 9 that all things are possible to us, if we have faith. How well can you see spiritually? How many things will you achieve this year as a result of your faith?

There are many things we receive by faith. We receive salvation, fullness of the Spirit, victory over the world, victory over Satan, and sanctification. Why in the world would we not take advantage of putting our faith in the right Person? When all of this is available to us, we would be foolish to put our faith anywhere else.

It is sad how many believers fail to exercise their faith, and do not realize what happens to them as a result. Worry, loneliness, guilt, and disobedience are just a few of the negative results of not exercising faith.

From your salvation to serving the Lord with your life, be sure that you place your faith in the right Person. The greatest encouragement that I can give is to remember what Jesus said in Mark 11:22: “Have faith in God.” Once our faith has been placed in the correct Person, we can learn to add to our faith and watch God use us in great ways.

Faith is not complicated and should not be feared. Second Timothy 3:15 reminds us that children can learn the holy scriptures and exercise their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So begin immediately learning and teaching others to put their faith in God. To place your faith in anyone else is a waste of time. Man will fail and forget you throughout life. Make sure you put your faith in God. For He reminds us in Hebrews 13:5; “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

Finally, remember that God did not save us without having a will for our lives. This is why it is so important that we keep our walk with God fresh each day. Learn how to add to your faith as 2 Peter 1:5 teaches. The greatest peace we can have as a believer is knowing that we are placing our faith in the God of the universe who is our greatest source of help and encouragement.

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