Spreading Joy at Christmas

Think of Others at Christmastime

Christmas will be difficult for many this year. Perhaps the death of loved ones is becoming incredibly real all over again, or maybe financial hardships have brought a family to the breaking point. I hurt deeply for those who are struggling, suffering, or sorrowing this Christmas. Christmas is the message that Christ came to help His people. And just as God gave mankind the greatest gift, we are to make giving a priority this season.

Here is my question for you—how will you be a help to someone in need? Do something special and out of the ordinary this season, and if you’re not sure how, here are a few ideas.

Go Caroling to the Elderly

My family has been able to do that on many occasions, and we absolutely love it. Some of the people we sang to were sick. Some of them were widows. Some of them were hospitalized. And some have since gone home to Heaven. While we are the ones striving to be a blessing, we always leave blessed. We take them some cookies that Amanda and Alayna bake with some notes from our family and some pictures from our kids.

Use Your Phone on Christmas Day

Send a few messages; make some calls. Send an encouraging or funny picture to someone that you know might need it. Think of others on that morning, not just you.

Open up Your Home

Invite someone who can’t make it home or some young couple with no family nearby. Or open your home to a shut-in who doesn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with. Maybe someone you know has family serving in the military on foreign soil. Invite them over or reach out to them in some way.

You Can Give

There will be many who won’t have any funds this year. Find them and put some extra cash in their pocket or discover what their kids enjoy and bring some gifts. Or maybe you could bring them a meal or give them some decorations to brighten their home.

I hope this holiday season will be more than just a reprieve from the rigors of your job. Look for ways to be compassionate to the hurting, lonely, discouraged, broken, and depressed.

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