The Lord Is at Hand

God Is at Work in Your Life

The Lord is at hand”—Philippians 4:5b

There are times in the Christian walk when the Lord seems far away. The dew of His conscious presence no longer saturates the contemplations of our heart. The clouds of unbelief hide the Son from us and we feel all alone.

God, however, clearly tells us in His Word that He is ever present. Because He is at hand we know He is near. He is looking on. He could come at any moment and take us home with Him to Heaven.

We also know that He could change our present circumstances if He willed. For them to remain means He has a purpose in our difficulties. There is a greater good to be realized beyond our immediate deliverance.

Perhaps you are expending much energy grappling with why you are facing something today. Know that the Lord is at hand. His hand is not shortened that it cannot save and His ear is not heavy that it cannot hear. Accept where you are and trust God to guide you from here. Let patience have her perfect work.

He is near when He seems so far,
Our blessed Saviour knows where you are.
With nail-pierced hands to hold and to guide,
The tempted and touched will stand by your side.

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