Trusting God with Your Finances

3 Questions to Help Diagnose Your Financial Faith Level

It has always amazed me, that God, who owns everything, allows you and me to be involved in meeting the needs of His church. Let me encourage you to evaluate your own stewardship and ask God to grow your faith.

Let me ask you, “Do you trust God with your finances in the same way you trusted Him with your eternal life?” The Bible is clear that we can never out-give God and that He desires for us to be a faithful steward of the resources He has entrusted to us. God’s business is the greatest business in all the world and it deserves our best.

As you evaluate your own faith, here are three basic questions:

  • Am I consistently tithing 10% of all my gross income? Many want to argue that the tithe is no longer our standard as the law was fulfilled in Christ. While that may be true, I have never understood why giving under grace would be any less than what was required under the law. I thought grace was the liberty to do more for Christ as we are constrained by His love.
  • Am I giving above my tithe to missions? We are responsible to reach every person of our generation with the Gospel. This is accomplished by telling everyone we can and sending others to reach the ones we cannot reach.
  • Am I giving by faith? Simply put, when was the last time you gave when it did not make sense, or when there was not an explanation for how you could pay your bills, except God’s provision and blessings on your finances.

God delights in our trust in Him and He loves to prove what He can do! Put Him to the test and be amazed at how God delights in proving our faith.

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