Witnessing in Public Places

A Christian's Right to Witness

Sean and several friends were peaceably distributing Gospel tracts in front of a bank when a city police officer approached and told them to leave because they were engaging in illegal activity on the bank’s private property. Sean and his friends knew they were standing on a public sidewalk and the bank was not even open; but the officer said if they did not leave, they would be arrested. Sean and his friends knew they had a free speech right to distribute tracts on public sidewalks, but they refrained from getting into an altercation with the police, left the area, and contacted CLA for help. Here are five tips to help you share your faith.

1. Witness on public sidewalks and parks because it is protected free speech.

2. Have a video tape recording while you witness in public places.If you are required to defend yourself, more than likely the charges will be dropped if a video tape is presented.

3. Keep a right attitude toward police authority even if harassed or arrested.This will make defending the charges easier.

4. Do not interfere with the flow of pedestrian traffic or the ingress or egress to buildings.

5. Work in teams as much as possible to ensure safety and vouch for each other if confronted by police.

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